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David and Connie Thompson founded Thompson Law LLC in 2015 after graduating Washburn University School of Law in Topeka Kansas and passing the Colorado bar exam.  David and Connie have been married for over 20 years and are the proud parents of three children who are their pride and joy.

David is the product of a hard working farming family from southwest Kansas.  At the age of 13 David started working on the family farm where he learned the value of a hard day's work.  After graduating from Elkhart High School, David attended Kansas State University from 1993-1997 and graduated with a bachelor degree in Airway Science.  In 1994 David earned his Certificated Flight Instructor license and worked as a flight instructor for KSU while completing his studies.  After graduation David attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned a Master of Aeronautical Science degree in 1999, specializing in Aeronautics and Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems.  David also holds a certificate in Aviation Safety Management from ERAU.

Between 1994 and 2000 David provided ab-initio flight instruction for pilots seeking initial certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.  In 2000 David began training pilots in specific models of aircraft when he joined FlightSafety International as an instructor in the Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron.  In 2003 David moved with his family to the Denver area after accepting the position of Director of Pilot Training and Safety with a relatively new aircraft manufacturing company, Adam Aircraft Industries.  During his time with AAI David developed and implemented pilot training programs for two models of aircraft, the Adam A500 and A700.  David also worked closely with members of government, academia, and manufacturing organizations in developing training standards for new generation Technically Advanced Aircraft.  In addition David developed, implemented, and led the safety program for AAI including accident prevention and emergency response and investigation.  David's time with AAI allowed him to build a substantial network of aviation professionals representing multiple segments of the industry.

In 2008 AAI declared bankruptcy and David returned to FlightSafety as an instructor in the new Cessna Citation Mustang.  During the next several years David trained pilots of the Mustang and conducted certification checks as a Training Center Evaluator.  To date David has accumulated over 2,700 hours of pilot time and over 5,000 hours as an instructor.  David holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with two type ratings for Cessna Citation models.  David also holds a Certificated Flight Instructor certificate for single and multi-engine airplanes.

In 2011 David and his wife Connie decided to pursue their American Dream by raising their family in a small Colorado town.  At the age of 36 Connie joined the Kansas Army National Guard and left the home to complete basic training in South Carolina and advanced training in Virginia, leaving David home to study for the law school entrance exam during her six month absence.  After completing basic and advanced training, David and Connie moved to Topeka in the fall of 2012 where David entered law school at Washburn University School of Law. Connie supported the family by working as an area supervisor at Goodyear Tires while David concentrated on his studies.  During his time at Washburn, David focused his studies on being a small town general practitioner and earned certificates in natural resources law and oil & gas law.  After law school and completing the Colorado bar exam, David and Connie, along with two of their three children, moved to Salida Colorado.  David and Connie's oldest daughter attended KSU where she received an ROTC scholarship, graduating in the top 10% nationally in 2018.  After graduating, David and Connie's oldest began training as an Army Aviator at Fort Rucker Alabama and is now a qualified CH-47 Chinook pilot.  David and Connie's middle child has decided to also pursue a career in aviation as an aerospace engineer.  Inspired by his mom and sisters, David and Connie's son plans to join the military and attend college after high school.

After weathering a rough 2016, Thompson Law LLC entered the field of child welfare in early 2017.  This gave the firm breathing room and valuable litigation experience.  A substantial portion of the firm's business continues to be in child welfare.

In June 2018, David and Connie moved their family and the firm to Creede Colorado.  Several generations of David's family have made the area west of Creede  their summer vacation destination which inspired David to eventually move to the area.  In 2003 David shared his love for Mineral and Hinsdale counties with Connie during a summer vacation.  Connie also fell for the San Juan Mountains and 'living in Creede' soon became the primary driver behind David and Connie's 15 year pursuit of their American Dream, a true team effort.  David and Connie feel blessed to be part of such an outstanding small community.

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